Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mumbai Under Fascist Grip of Mossad - Two reports.

All I can remember about the current state of Muslim ummah is following

First they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for me,
and there was no one left to speak out for me.

"First they came…" is a famous statement attributed to pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) about the inactivity of German intellectuals following the Nazi rise to power and the purging of their chosen targets, group after group.

May be you are the next target. Wait for your turn.....

Mumbai Under Fascist Grip of Mossad 
By Ahmed Sohail Siddiqui

[Bismillahnews.in-14-08-12-New Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui] The state police agencies are admitting prior knowledge of possible violence at the Muslim protest rally at Azad Maidaan in Mumbai therefore they are arguing that senior police officers with a large police force were present on a holiday at the rally spot.So what went wrong that our police could not despite "prior" intelligence they could not control the "Anti-National Muslims" in the rampage that the police now describes as "terror attack".

The ever obliging sate embedded Anti-Muslims agents disguised as "civil activists" of the brand of Teesta Seetalvad are further helping the police and fascists claims that the violence was prepared through morphed Images of massacre of Muslims in Burma and Assam through the social media network like Face Book.The Brahman fascist state has further put evidence before the public that 10 officers of "SIT" are scanning the available video recordings for the faces of the culprits. The state has also claimed to having in possession the evidence of a group of armed locals who boarded a local mumbai train and got down at the rally spot.

The champions of civil liberty are quoting their Pakistani sources as having written on blog that morphed images are been used to stir communal sentiments of Muslims against the what happened in Assam and Burma,thereby giving clean chit to the killings of Muslims in Burma and Assam.The same Teesta Seetalvad, Mahesh Bhatt and his son were host to a Pakistani Zionist agent wanted in Mumbai's tragic 26/11.

The corporate media is blaming Member of Parliament and businessman "Maulana" Ajmal and targeting his legal business as a cover up for protection of Bangladeshi's infiltration in Assam with Arab money received in export-import of Agarwood fragrance.

The Assam angle is being probed in Mumbai violence and as usual the media trial has started planting police version in its propaganda against Muslims.

"Learned" writers known for their anti-Muslim writings are scratching dust in hope to find fault with the Muslim decision of holding a protest and express support to their brothers and sisters in the worst ethnic barbaric killings in India and Burma in decades.

A junk dealer and a london returned preacher and Ajmal Badruddins political parties connections are being mischievously  doubted and spread by corporate English media.

Muslim boys 23 of them two days back have been arrested from the Azad Maidaan as they were injured during the mob mele and they have been named in the FIR by the police as culprits.

The police claims of armed group joined the protesters and solely responsible for the disturbance at the peaceful culminating hours of the rally should also give clean chit to speakers at the rally who have been targeted for inciting the crowd against the Media role of not giving due coverage to injustices to Muslim sufferings in Assam and Burma.The Novice leaders are being blamed for being irresponsible in giving a call on such a sensitive issue which was capitalized by forces to incite trouble and violence.

In all this targeted Fascist propaganda against Muslims such a scare has been built on Mumbai Muslims that respectable Maulana's are Apologizing for no fault of their's.Leading Muslims are meeting police officers and congratulating them for fair role of police.

A feeling of Guilt has been built by fascist Anti-Muslim forces among the Mumbai Muslims to wash away the reality that they stood for the right cause in the month of Ramzan.

The Images on Face book accounts of Indians were not morphed and are real.The worlds biggest ethnic cleansing of Muslims after the partition of India has taken place in India's Assam and in its neighbor Burma with government and media turning blind eye.

The Muslims of Mumbai alhamdulillah did no wrong to get trapped in this guilty web syndrome spread by vested interest who hate us as we are Muslim followers of Islam.

If anybody is at fault it is not our young children two of them died,one by police bullets in the state of fasting and scores of them injured in police lathi charge during their roza ,fast.The media is propagating that two Muslims who died one of them had criminal cases against him and police is questioning how were criminals allowed to attend rallies?Pointing to suggest it is ok to kill him as he was criminal ?

Such is the Zionist method of propaganda that out of the total alleged injured 63 the govt. has shown 55 policeman in them when the fact is at least hundreds of the Muslim protesters have fracture injuries and are scared to come forward out of the fear of Harassment of them and their families at the hands of Mossad embedded Mumbai police.

The terror and fear has run down so deep among the Mumbai Muslims by this attack on their peaceful protest rally in support of Muslims of Burma and Assam that for another decade they would not dare to think of organizing any rally in Mumbai.

The worst part is that the police which has a track record of sabotaging such Anti-establishment rallies is being applauded by none other than the Teesta Seetalvads the " champions of Justice ".

The situation of Muslims in Mumbai at present is not better than their situation in Burma,Assam or Gujarat.Mumbai is in firm grip of Mossad which is ruling it through its agents in political parties, police,media and civil society.The state should have been booked for organizing violence at the rally in collusion with criminals working on Zionists dictates but reverse is happening the Muslim Organizations and leaders are being booked in false cases.Shabaash …Fascism in operation.The state kills its citizens in organized ethnic cleansing and if Muslims hold a peaceful demonstration their protest is sabotaged and given a violent turn by covert state players and Muslim Organizations,leaders are booked by the government along with young Muslim innocent participant at the rally.What Justice is this ?

Yesterday a special meeting was initiated at the behest of the Maharashtra Chief Minister with the Urdu Editors of Mumbai Newspapers to ask them to cooperate in maintaining peace in Mumbai ? Shamefully the state targets Peaceful Muslim Protest Rally - disturbs it by violence - arrests innocents Muslim youth protesters for no crime of their's AND the CM has cheeks to call the Urdu Press and ask them to cooperate to maintain peace in the city as if Urdu press is a threat to peace. All the steps to disturb peace are taken by Zionist embedded policies of the state what can Urdu press do in such a situation ? Or is it that the Maharashtra Chief Minister is asking co-operation of Urdu Press in further killing Mumbai Muslims and witch hunting them by fake arresting their youths as culprits of violence at Azad Maidaan ? Modi's Terror tactics are being implemented in Mumbai even the Urdu press has been told " either you are with us or your are our enemies ".


[Bismillahnews.in-12-08-12-New Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui-Updated-13-08-12] Almost a day has passed since the conspirators had planned to put entire Mumbai to fire,but the quick action by the Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shnde has watered the designs of the fascist forces to put entire India on fire by using the Mumbai fire.[ Mumbai police probing conspiracy angle  http://www. thehindu.com/news/national/article 3757117. ece?homepage=true ]

The decision by the UPA government to order Judicial probe and CBI inquiry in the Assam killings of Muslims by Bodo's had not even reached the Muslim community that a Ramadan peaceful rally protest in Mumbai was sabotaged at the culminating hours of the protest.[ Intel report warned of Mumbai violence, 10,000-strong crowd http://www.expressindia.com /latest-news/intel-report-warned-of-mumbai-violence-10-000strong-crowd/987580/ ]

Who is behind this Conspiracy?

As we all know Mumbai is the heart of Anti-Muslim forces which enjoys patronage of a section of police officers who are known for implicating Muslims in false cases on the dictates of sangh parivar affiliated forces.[ Probe role of foreign hand in Azad Maidan violence: CM http://www.hindustantimes.com/India-news/Mumbai/Probe-role-of-foreign-hand-in-Azad-Maidan-violence-CM/Article1-912744.aspx ]

The killers of Muslims of Assam who have the patronage of National and International Anti-Muslim forces tried their best to get away from the organised crime of ethnic cleansing of Muslim citizens of Assam and India but despite a section of the government hand in glove with them the first Dalit Home-Minister's statement in the parliament that he can smell conspiracy in the tragic events of Assam alerted the fascists forces of possible action against them. The GOI acted to inquire and order CBI probe along with best of efforts to rehabilitate the 5 Lakh odd refugees in Assam under the first Dalit Home-Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde.

Bangladeshi infiltration issue failed

The Zionist embedded saffron forces failed in their attempt to make it a Bangladeshi illegal migrants issues verses Bodo's.The Bodo who enjoy partial self rule in few areas enjoy support of state political parties known for their Anti-Muslim policies, want total elimination of others from their areas to enjoy total monopoly over state resources.The BJP and its patent Bangladeshi issue failed and credibility of GOI and home ministry increased when Sushil Kumar Shinde the first Dalit Home-Minister ordered CBI Inquiry,Judicial Probe and doubled the rehabilitation efforts.The Visit by top UPA leaders to Assam further demoralized the criminal fascists.

The Burma Assam Protest rally targeted

Seething with anger and animosity,defeat in thier game plan to light the fire of Anti-Muslim hate across the country the fascists Brahman forces again targeted the first Dalit Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde at their home turf Maharashtra and Mumbai conspiring to disrupt the peaceful culmination of the protest at Azad Maidan by infiltrating anti-social elements to attack Media and policemen in the name of Muslims.

Who gains by these attacks?

A flag which is emblem of Islam was propagated as Pakistani Flag carried by protesters to built on the perception that Muslims are Anti-India and pro-Pakistani.The police department through out the Maharashtra state and the country was given the message that Muslims are their enemies as they openly attack them injuring 45 of them.Thus the conspiracy to portray Muslims as enemies of Media,state police worked through these attacks.

Brahman fascists game plan ?

The pune blasts ,then since 1st August the non-stop stories appearing in print and electronic media against the first Dalit Home -minister terming him as incompetent point towards the game of nexus among the fascist Brahman police service men,media and political interest embedded with Zionist and saffron forces to challenge the dictate of the first Dalit Home-Minister of India.It is no longer hidden that Muslims are being targeted during the UPA-2 rule all over India by Zionist fascists forces who see Muslims as a vote bank of Congress Party and until this vote bank is targeted and forced to choose other options the opponents of the Congress Party would not gain in 2014 General elections to capture Delhi's throne.

Shinde Attacked in the Parliament

The members of a political Party spared no opportunity to attack the first ever Dalit Home-Minister and even made fun of him inside and outside parliament.The Media and political forces embedded with Zionism and Fascism are not only Anti-Muslim but are Anti-Dalit, Anti-Minorities and other weaker sections.It is very much possible that the Media vans burnt and Media personal attacked are a larger conspiracy to defame Muslims along with the rule of the first Dalit Home-Minister Sushil kumar Shinde?

The way police women were molested,media vans and state buses burnt, cameras snatched and policemen were tossed in the air leaves no doubt that this is a planned act of criminals conspiracy at which the government should do an impartial inquiry to bring the culprits to book. 23 detained as Mumbai police probe violence  http://www.gulf-times.com/ site/topics/ article.asp?cu_no=2&item_no= 524808&version =1&template_id=40&parent_id=22 .

In an Asian Age report Ex-policeman Sham-sher Khan Pathan, whose Awami Vikas Party was part of the rally, said, "The whole incident seems to have been premeditated with the sole intention of disrupting our peaceful protest." http://www.asianage.com/india/assam-flares-mumbai-037

But simply to view these acts as performed by the protester with out probing the larger angle of conspiracy against the protesters and the UPA government particularly conspiracy against the order of CBI probe in events of Assam by the first Dalit Home Minister.

This is the picture of Mumbai Policeman snatching Atul Kambley of MID DAY senior photographers Camera at the Mumbai protest rally of Muslims at Azad Maidaan.Today and even yesterday the entire Indian and International Media has reported that it were Muslims who attacked the Media persons.Atleast this one proof is sufficient to prove the false claims of the Zionists conspirators.The one sided arrests of Muslims in Mumbai 23,all Muslims under very serious sections of crpc on the basis of police FIR also show that with out fair investigation Muslim youths who participated in the protest rally are being victimized and the actual Zionist conspiracy is not even being considered for investigation.We protest and appeal to the Home Minister of India to stop this victimization of Muslims and order a CBI probe into the actual conspiracy of the Zionists.