Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Catastrophe in the Muslim world without the Caliphate

fazzamin just uploaded a video

The absence of the Khilafah is the root cause of the problems in the Muslim world, when examining the abuse and suffering of our brothers and sisters, it can be quickly realized that the main factor behind the continued and open attacks is due to the Muslims having no one to represent them. When the mothers of this Ummah watch in horror as their children die a slow agonizing death, who is there to help them? The agent rulers in the Muslim lands cannot help us as they do not represent us nor do they represent Islam. Foreign organizations such as the UN cannot help us as they are tools designed to help colonialist nations protect their interests in the Muslim lands. It is only the Khaleefah who can answer the cry of the Muslims as it is the Khaleefah's responsibility before Allah (swt) to be the guardian for the Muslim Ummah.

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