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Tahiyyatul Masjid (Greeting The Masjid)

Tahiyyatul Masjid (Greeting The Masjid)
When you enter the Masjid, you should first perform two units of prayer, which are called Tuhiyyatul-Masjid (which literally means, greeting the Masjid). Although Tuhiyyatul-Masjid is not compulsory to perform, it is nonetheless a stressed Sunnah.
Abu Qataadah As~Salamee(ra) related that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said,
"When one of you enters the Masjid, then let him perform two Rak'ahs (units of prayer) before he sits down."
  • Related by Bukhaaree (444),Muslim (714), Ahmad (22017), At-Tirmidhee (316),
    An·Nassaaee (730), Abu Daawood (467), Ibn Maajah (1013), and Ad-Daarimee (1393).
The Prophet's command indicates that Tuhiyyutul-Masjid is obligatory, but when this Hadith is combined with the meaning of other narrations, Tuhiyyutul-Masjid is reduced from the level of obligatory to the level of recommended.
One of those narrations is related by Talhah Ibn 'Ubaidullah (ra).
He (saw) said, "A man came to the Messenger of Allah   from the people of Najd; his hair was ruffled, his voice roared, and what he said was unintelligible. Then he came near and asked about Islam. The Messenger of Allah (saw)  said,
"Five prayers in the day and night (i.e., five prayers a day)
The man said, 'Is there anything else upon me?' He (saw) said,
"No, unless you do something else voluntarily"
Then at the end of the Hadith, Talhah(ra) said, "As the man turned to leave, he said, 'By Allah, I will neither do more nor less than this' The Messenger of Allah (saw)   said,
'He will achieve success if he is true to his word'
  • Related by Bukhaaree (46), Muslim (11), Ahmad (1393), An-Nassaaee (458), Abu Daawood (391), Maalik (425), and Ad-Daarimee (1578).
Although the two units of Tuhiyyutul-Masjid are not compulsory, the people of Emaan should always perform them, for there is much good and virtue in them. .
Allah(swt) knows the best
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